This is what we do at Leopax

Managing packaging supply chains is our specialty.

We will take care of meeting your product’s packaging manufacturing needs. We will take care of your business’s needs with unsurpassed attention to detail.

Provide us your designs, and leave the supply chain legwork up to us and we will take care the rest from production to all the way through final delivery.


Working with Leopax means that you benefit from our competitive pricing, fast turnaround and confidence of knowing your packaging job is in the hands of a top sourcing company. 

Serving as a sourcing provider and a solutions center, we will be assisting you to reduce complexity of packaging and labeling processes with cost saving initiatives and high-speed delivery. You will also benefit the financial savings associated with packaging’s day-to-day management and administration activities.

We are industry experts and at Leopax, we had experienced the best and worst of outsourced manufacturing. We know what to expect and how to avoid the pitfalls. We have spent many years establishing very solid and trustworthy relationships with reputable firms from East of Europe and Turkey and we offer that knowhow and expertise to all of our clients.

Try competitive pricing from manufacturing plants in other countries, use worldwide support and stay ahead of the competition. 

While you are focusing your resources on the development of your core business; at Leopax, we are going to manage your packaging & labeling supply chain and deal with the cultural differences, communication gaps, language barriers, international customs issues/tariffs (and much more) that are associated with manufacturing overseas.